Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

I read this classic book to my students at the start of fourth term and asked them to write about the places they hope to go. My purpose was three fold:

1. Get my sweet seventh graders thinking about something other than the RIGHT NOW.

2. It's absolutely cliche to do such a thing. I think every teacher they have ever had has read this to them at the end of the school year. Sometimes cliche is good.

3. Ocassionally I love to get into their heads (I stress occasionally) and figure out what is really going on. Discovering their brilliance never gets old for me, and yep, I believe they all are capable of a little brilliance here and there. It's also entertainment for me and a little tender to read what they have to say about this topic.

As I was reading their darling little responses, I came across this one...

I want to...

Go throughout all of my school years ending up with a degree in orthodontics.

Become a proffesional volleyball player.

Get married in the temple to the man of my dreams (I teach in Utah, obviously).

Start a family.

Live my life to the fullest.

The optimism and innocence of this passage struck me and I became a little weepy eyed, which is by no means unusual. I cry over everything. But it got me thinking about my own "list" and the places I hoped I would go in my life. There have been many twists and turns I had not expected in this life of mine, which I'm sure every adult can relate to. Dr. Seuss warns about the dangers of The Waiting Place, which I'm afraid I spent too much time in. At times I even struggled with decisions I made and whether or not they were the right ones. But when I look at all of it, all that my life has become, I thank my lucky stars because the path I took brought me

to this man

and these amazing kids

I found my sweet husband a few years later than I had hoped and I never imagined I'd be a step mom, but there is not an inch of my life I don't love, even the icky-slippery-not-so-fun-stuff. Seriously, I love it all.

Oh, the places you'll go!


Barbi said...

Hi's been way too long! I loved reading your blog. It amazing the twist and turns our lives take but usually turn out the way that was originally intended. Married life must be treating you well. You look beautiful and happy. Miss you...:)

stephanie said...

Amanda! I'm so happy you blogged again! I miss you so much but am terrible at keeping in touch. You sound so happy and I am so thrilled for you! love you!! keep blogging my dear!

Megan and Brian Rogers said...

Love your post! Seriously! I think I need to have my friend, Kaija, read your post. It would truly inspire her!

Ashley said...

I already told you on facebook but wanted to tell you again that I LOVED this post and the honesty. So well written.
You should blog more often girl....miss your posts and you!

Shelbi said...

Well said. First of all I love this Dr. Suess Book! handle life with the care so of course you"ll love it!