Thursday, May 19, 2011

Graduating and Temple Square

It's officially official. I'm done with school...for now.

My mom flew into town to attend my graduation and all of my husband's family were there as well. You know you're loved when people wake up early on a Saturday morning and then drive an hour to attend the most boring (seriously) ceremony in existence. Thank you to my mom, my husband, and the Rogers clan. You all made my day so special!

After my graduation, we took my mom to Temple Square to bask in the glory of the tulips. The beauty of this place is breathtaking and I couldn't get enough pictures of the tulips. After a while, I'm sure the men were mentally rolling their eyes at how us women just couldn't stop loving these flowers. It was glorious I tell you.


Pam Hackworth said...

Congratulations!!! Saw your mom Sunday and she shared some of those glorious tulip pictures with me. Miss you! Pam

Ashley said...

Congrats on graduating Amanda!!

Chelsi said...

YEah congrats on graduating that is super exciting!!