Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Preview

So here it is, in all its little glory. Turns out Utah has very unpredictable, ridiculous weather, so our little plants have had to fight to live, but they are fighters, let me tell you. There have been some casualties though. Sadly all our squash {minus our zucchini, go zucchini!} died when we had a lovely little snow, hail, rain storm on Memorial Day. I seriously shed some tears when I looked out our window that morning to see snow on the rooftops. It took me about 4 hours to bounce out of it, but I eventually smiled and then laughed at the fact that we had planted our garden two days before only to have a crazy storm try to ruin our garden happiness. It didn't though. We are still very happy and our plants are trudging along quite well.

So here is a looksee at what we're nurturing with fertilizer {or, as the kids would say, cow poo}, water, and as much sun and warmth our fickle little weather god is willing to give us.

Aren't these just soooooooo purty? They are chives that we planted last year, and to my surprise {mainly because there's tons I don't know about plants} they reseeded, and walaaah, beautiful little chives with fluffy purple flowers on top, and we didn't have to do a thing. Perennial is my new favorite word.

Green bell pepper...lovely.

Dark purple bell pepper...lovelier.

Cilantro, another one of those surprise reseeders. In fact, I thought they were weeds, until I got a whiff of them as I was pulling them out. I stopped yanking them out and discovered that these little guys are EVERYWHERE throughout the garden. They are just spreading the love I guess.

And here is something I'm really excited for, tomatillos. I'll blog soon about my love affair with tomatillos lately, but let me tell you, it's intense. I am head over heels, floating in the clouds, in love with these little green tomato-like fruits.

And here is the littlest member of the garden. It's a purple tomatillo plant we started from seed. It's only about 4 inches tall, but I'm rooting for him and absolutely believe we will see fruit at the end of the season, mostly because he survived the storm and also because I'm a believer like that.

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