Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Extremeness along with a Parade

My husband and I woke up this morning with bikes on the brain. The sky was blue and the temperature just right. We wanted to make our own adventure today.

So we drove here with our bikes in stow.

Lots of loveliness all around us.

Then we actually began riding, and things didn't seem so lovely anymore. My husband is extreme, very extreme. I'm not. Riding along a 12 inch trail with steep cliffs that lead to a sure death if one non-extreme person {me} were to tumble down them is just not my cup of tea. Apparently there are some people {husband} that find this sort of thing exhilarating. After informing my husband that this just wasn't fun for me and was way out of my league, we took it a little easier, and then something amazing happened. I got used to all the extremeness, and it wasn't so bad anymore. As long as I didn't look down the death cliff, I was fine. There is no possible way I will EVER be as extreme as my husband, but maybe I might have a pinch of it in my blood. One itsy, bitsy, tiny little pinch of extreme.

Later, our son was in a parade with his football team. #19 would be our little man.

I love this. He's running toward his dad after spotting us in the crowd.

What's a parade without a trash truck? Why no parade at all.

Maybe my favorite person/thing there, except for #19 of course.

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