Thursday, July 21, 2011



I love my herb pots. They're pretty, smell delicious, super easy to maintain, and provide me with lots of culinary options.

When the weather warmed up, I primed, then spray painted some terra cotta pots and planted some herbs I found at Lowe's. The herbs were all around $2.99 and since it costs about that to buy a tiny little bunch of herbs at the store that lasts about a week, this is quite a deal. And, now I use fresh herbs almost daily when I cook...Bonus!

This year I chose mint, lemon thyme {seriously amazing}, oregano, rosemary, basil, and German thyme. It took a few weeks for them to fill out, but now I'm loving the way my steps look.


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Anne and Simon Guzman said...

Hey Amanda,
I just realized from facebook that you are still posting. I LOVE the herb pots on the front steps and think I might have to copy you! Glad all is well with you!