Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost and Found

I wore these earrings the day I married my husband and then also the day we were sealed.


They hold great sentimental value for me. Aside from my wedding ring, they are the most valuable thing {sentimentally speaking} I own. I'm a real sap, and sort of planned on them becoming a family heirloom, something my daughters would wear when they get married.

Then, I lost one. I was devastated, panicked, and heartbroken all in one nauseating moment. It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror that I discovered one was missing from my ear. I let out a gasp. Husband came to my aid, worried something terrible had happened. It had and I explained. We looked in all the usual places, but couldn't find it. I went to bed that night, tears streaming down my face, hoping I would somehow find my earring. Please oh please, let me find my earring.

I dreamed about finding my earring the next two nights, and then woke up horribly disappointed because it was only a dream. I told the kids my earring had gone missing. "Oh no, not your wedding earring!" was our daughter's reply. "Yes, yes, my wedding earring." They helped me look too, but still no luck. Every time I thought about it, a sickening feeling came over me, so I made an effort not to think about it more than I had to.

Then one night, my husband told me he would go over to his parents house and look. We thought that it may have fallen off while we were visiting with them. I knew that if he couldn't find it there, it may be hopeless. It was the last place to look.

Twenty minutes later, I received a text: I've got it! I about cried. It was lost, and now it was found. I understand that it was just an earring, an object, a thing that probably could have been replaced. I'm not the type to care about stuff. Stuff is stuff, but this earring was not stuff. It represented something very special. My world forever changed while wearing these earrings. I was promised an eternity with the love of my life while wearing these earrings. I made the most important promises any woman could ever make while wearing these earrings. And then, I imagined being able to pass on all those memories of hope, promise, and love onto my daughters through these earrings.

Now I can.


Hatch Family said...

Oh Mandy I know exactly how you feel! Same things happened to me a couple weeks ago with the earrings my parents gave me the day I got married. With a lot of prayer and searching we found mine too!!!

Julie said...

Yes, I hate that exact moment when you realize "it's gone". You know my ring story right.

Amanda said...

Yes Julie, I do. I thought of you in all this. I'm sure you're still sad about it :(