Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sort of scary...but mostly wonderful


I'm of the school of thought that it is quite healthy and good for the ol' soul to do something that scares the pants right off ya every now and again. Apparently I got the itch, because I did something scary...I photographed my first wedding {oh my}.

This is how it played out. I was waiting in this little room {made especially for photographers} for my very happy couple to arrive and I'm surrounded by the other photographers who are also waiting for their couples. Well, these aren't the nice lot of photographers I hoped I'd run into--they're all business, no smiles. And they have equipment, lot's of it. I've got a camera and three lenses thank you very much, but they've got camera holsters with two cameras dangling from their hips and gobs of other stuff, and again, they don't smile. Something like, what have I gotten myself into? is crossing my mind. But then they leave with their happy couples and mine finally arrives. My bride, who is also officially now my sister-in-law is looking amazing, and I casually express my concern to her, in which she looks right into my eyes and responds:

"Amanda, we hired you because we wanted you."

Did I mention I LOVE my new sister-in-law? The Rogers boys really know how to pick 'em.

That was all I needed. A good old pep talk from the bride herself. And you know what, we rocked it. Holster boys don't hold a candle to what the Rogers clan can produce. I promise. We were watching, and they made their couples do silly things, ridiculous things for pictures. Not us. We're classy.


P.S. I will soon have my photography blog up and running so you can look at more pictures from this day. Not only was this an amazing experience for me in the photography department, but I was even more in love with the husband at the end of the day. Nothing like seeing newlyweds make-out like every five seconds to keep the ol' flame alive.

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