Thursday, December 22, 2011

candy cane mud pie


Doesn't this pie just look delicious?  I assure you it is.  I've made it the last few years around Christmas and it is always a big hit with with kids and adults alike.  It's also very easy to make.  Here's what you'll need.

     *Carton of Mint and Chip Ice Cream
     *Bag of Andes Mints
     *About 5 Candy Canes
     *Oreo Cookie Pre-made Crust
     *Hot Fudge {Optional}

1.  Let your ice cream sit out for about 10 minutes or so to soften, but not melt.

2.  Meanwhile, unwrap your mints and candy canes.  Rough chop the mints to the size you'd like {I like them kind of big, but it's up to you}.  Then put your unwrapped candy canes in a big ziploc bag, get out a mallet or rolling pin and beat the heck out of your candy canes.  I'm serious, go to town on them.  Great therapy.

3.  Put softened ice cream into a large mixing bowl with your chopped mints and candy cane.  Don't use all of the candy because you'll want to reserve some of the candy for the top of the pie.  Mix with a wooden spoon until the candy is well incorporated into the ice cream.

4.  Spoon ice cream mixture into crust.

5. Top with remaining candy.

6.  Put pie back into the freezer for an hour or so to harden.  When ready to serve, top with hot fudge.

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Shelbi said...

pie looks yummy! i♥tomatillos , the kids are so cute and you look like your loving being there with them, for them, every minute! I hope everything is going well! fun to peek in on you! Wish I could do it more often!