Thursday, January 19, 2012



We celebrated our second one last weekend.  Husband, it goes like this...

Love you more now than I did then.  Didn't know that one was even possible.

Knowing I get to cuddle with you every single day still seems like such a gift.

Marriage and children is exhausting.  I'm tired all of the time, but I can't imagine going back to my old ways of 9 o'clock to bed.  How incredibly lonely it would be to not have you, my favorite, to talk to, and then fall asleep on mid-sentence.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I care for and love two little ones that I wouldn't have known without you.  Thank you for that gift.

Again with the gifts, you can't stand holding off on them.  I've grown accustomed to unwrapped gifts, given before the occasion, usually within 24 hours of purchase.  I never thought of myself as a gift person.  They really never mattered to me, until I started receiving yours, because yours are the sweetest ones.  Your gifts matter to me.

Your love, your hugs, your kisses, your thank yous, and your laugh.  Oh how I love that laugh.  Do you know that sometimes I purposely say things knowing you'll laugh just so I can hear it.  And there isn't just one laugh.  Oh no, you have several.  And I love them all.  Pure music.

I'm proud of everything that you are.  Even prouder to call myself your wife.

I love you--I always have. Can't wait for another year of you, loverboy.

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stephanie said...

incredibly sweet! miss you