Wednesday, January 11, 2012



This is our new home. And we couldn't be more excited.

We moved the week after Thanksgiving, on that Tuesday to be exact {I DO NOT recommend moving on a weekday, but we're new at this and had no idea how hard it would be}.

I hate to say that I just now feel like I'm home, but it's sort of true.  My husband and I lived in our first place for just under two years. It was our first place together, which is special in and of itself, and we definitely have some great memories there with the kids, but there just was something missing.  It never felt quite right and now everything about this home, our first home, feels perfect.

So much consideration went into this decision because our situation is a little more complicated than the average newlywed couple.  There were countless prayers my husband and I gave asking, pleading with our Heavenly Father to help us find that perfect home, the one that would suit us the best and help our children feel like they belong. You see, this decision to buy a home wasn't about the family we would have--it was about the family we already have.  We have two kids, not babies or toddlers, but kids.  We cared more about our neighborhood than anything else.  That was our number one priority.  Our kids haven't had a neighborhood they felt like they belonged to, really ever.  We wanted so desperately to find that home that could really feel like ours, that would belong just as much to our children as it does to us. 


It feels silly even writing this, but I have this fantasy.  It's summer and I'm home with the kids.  They have friends like two houses down, and across the street, and up the street, and basically everywhere.  They play with them.  They ride bikes.  They come up with their own games.  They're carefree.  And they're rarely bored.  As I go about my daily tasks, I hear the laughter and sounds that accompany the shinanagins of a childhood summer.  The constant open and closing of the door doesn't even bother me, nor does the dirt on the carpet, or the chaos of it all.  I'm just happy because my kids have a normal summer to enjoy.

So there it is, my hopes and dreams for this summer.  And something tells me it might just happen, this fantasy of mine.  I'm just waiting for the snow to melt.

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

This made me really really happy. You are a beautiful writer and reading it made me miss you dearly. I'll call you very soon. I am turing 30 this weekend and it feels strange but also I am ready to say adios to my 20s. They were amazing but really really hard. I am ready to fall in love and figure out my life more and use those things I learned in my 20s to not make those same mistakes. Those are my wishes for my 30th year. Love you.