Monday, February 6, 2012



On with the letters. This is one written by our former president, Ronald Reagan to his wife Nancy. Just before he passed away, I finished a charming book written and compiled by Nancy entitled, I Love You, Ronnie. I highly recommend it. It beautifully depicts the sweetness of their relationship through their letter writing, and further fueled my obsession for letters, especially ones about love.  In Ronnie's words:

"If I ache, it's because we are apart and yet that can't be, because you are inside and a part of me, so we really aren't apart at all. Yet I ache, but wouldn't be without the ache, because that would mean being without you, and that can't be because I love you."

Beautiful words, and so easy to relate to when the lovah is gone.  Soon, mine will be leaving for a week on business {boo!} and I have to just push that crazy notion out of my mind and pretend it's not really happening. Not a chance loverboy.  You. Can. Not. Leave.

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stephanie said...

I just love that Ronnie Reagan!!! beautiful post! hope you survive without your man!