Friday, March 21, 2014

We're Having a Boy!

We found out yesterday the gender of our baby. 

A month ago, my doctor felt like our baby was probably a boy, but he couldn't confirm one way or the other (baby wasn't cooperating).  The thing is, I already knew it was a boy.  I didn't think I really believed that a mother could know without science confirming it and I certainly didn't think I'd be that person, but just a little ways into my pregnancy, I had a dream (pregnancy dreams are unreal!).  I saw our son inside me (weird, I know, but it was a dream) and I just remember being so happy that I could see him.  When I woke up, I was certain that my dream was a bit more than that, that maybe it was telling me something.  From that point forward, I was convinced I had a baby boy in my womb, and sure enough, I was right.

It took us a while to get pregnant, and I remember in my prayers, the ones where I was pleading with my Heavenly Father to grant us this blessing, I just wanted a baby.  I wanted a child who was half me, half Jeff.  I didn't care boy or girl--just baby.  And then I found out that indeed, there was a baby.  I stared at that second line on that stupid pee stick I had grown to hate, and there it was, baby.  We were going to have a baby.  I was convinced at the time that this womb of mine was broken, so finally getting a positive was completely unbelievable.  Sometimes I go back to that moment when I need a little pick me up because few things in my life have been as exciting to me as finding out that I was pregnant.  That was pretty amazing.

So now we're preparing for a son...a brother, a nephew, a grandson.  He is going to be so many things to our family and we just can't wait to meet him.